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Palej Niki
« Dátum: Október 24, 2009, 04:53:32 pm »

Niki Palej was born on the 18th of May in 1987, in Miskolc. Music has been playing leading role in her life since she was 8, when she learnt how to play the piano on her own. She started singing 12 years later. Because of the advice of her good friend, Peter Halasz, she recorded a duet with a well trained singer, Istvan Honecz, and uploaded on a public site and reavealed it. Many musicians came to please her to work with them. That was when she got to know Istvan Dolbeats Fabian, who she has made the most of her songs with till nowadays. The first release was the Serendipity which was in the leading position on a chart of a famous on-line radio for months. The 90% of her songs is sang in rnb and hiphop style but Niki could do her best in other styles as well. E.g: Ikaros EP, which was released by an English record and it contains trance remixes. On the Juno trance list it reached number 2. Beside the Ikaros 2 other disc was released in abroad. Fight was realeased in England which includes the remix of Agent Greg which got place on the Hungarian House Allstars CD 1 month later. The other is the I don't wann lose you with Johnnie Pepper which will come out in Spain within 1-2 months. In Hungary she got fame because of the feat with Tibbah.

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Palej Niki - Nem feledem el a zenét
« Válasz #1 Dátum: Június 11, 2013, 06:29:20 am »
Palej Niki - Nem feledem el a zenét

00 Intro (Pearl Of My Tears).mp3
01 Never Give Up (Feat. Milli Chab).mp3
02 Benned Él.mp3
03 Baby I Love You.mp3
04 Nem Kell Más.mp3
05 Tini Dal.mp3
06 Álmodj Királylány.mp3
07 Angels (Feat. Dolbeats & Cali Stylz).mp3
08 Break Up.mp3
09 I'm Still Loving You.mp3
10 Ki Nevet A Végén.mp3
11 Álmomban (Feat. Pazta).mp3
12 Mit Szólsz (Feat. Rico, Chaos & Lyris).mp3
13 Lady (Feat. Essem & Smith) (Killa K & Essemm Remix).mp3
14 To Be Forgotten (B Craack Remix).mp3
15 Adj Még Egy Percet (Feat. NatteR MC).mp3
16 Miért (Feat. Szikra).mp3
17 Silent Night.mp3
18 Outro (Nem Feledem El A Zenét).mp3
19 [Bonus Track] Fight (Feat. Chris Lawyer) (Agent Greg Remix).mp3
20 [Bonus Track] Miért (Feat. Szikra) (Rucksack Remix).mp3
21 [Bonus Track] To Be Forgotten (Dynamic Illusion Remix).mp3

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Palej Niki - To be forgotten (2009)
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Palej Niki - To be forgotten (2009)

01. Fight.mp3
02. Mondod.mp3
03. My Best.mp3
04. Hiába.mp3
05. Serendipity.mp3
06. To Be Forgotten.mp3
07. Csak Veled.mp3
08. Élek.mp3
09. To Find Someone.mp3
10. Mennem kell.mp3
11. Forever.mp3
12. My Best Solo Version.mp3
13. Viharszarok instrumental.mp3